Milling Mesh Fabrics

Shreeji has a wide range of fabrics with stable mesh openings, which makes the difference to increase the benefits to the customers. SSF fabricated screens are known in mi;;ing applications for their high capacity, longevity, perfect fit and competitive pricing. We offer high quality industrial filter fabric, sifting fabric and bolting cloths for milling applications. The fabric is optimal sifting efficiency and maximum service life.

  • Flour Mills
  • Besan
  • Corn flour
  • Masala Grading
  • Sago / Starch
  • Food

Process Machines:


The purifier separates the product by its specific weight and size. Sefar offers sieve fabrics of the highest quality for every frame size in form of fabricated purifier covers or as roll-good fabrics. The wide range of mesh openings and the special properties of the polyester fabrics from the SSF “NYTEX” XXX and GG FOR best classifying results.

In the purifier, air currents and sieves separate the bran and classify the particles by their specific weight and size into semolina and middling

plan sifter

Ground wheat or mill stock, is sifted and separated into various fractions. SSF offers a variety of sifting fabrics to accommodate different types of cereals. Our SSF NYTEX various product having different physical characteristics to meet any milling need.

A plansifter separates particles according to their size by allowing particles smaller than the mesh opening to pass through whilst retaining the larger particles. The fractions are then processed further either by roller-mills or subsequent sifting machines.

The hardness of the wheat, the constitution of the endosperm and the desired final product must be taken into account in order to select the correct sifting fabric. The wide range of mesh openings from 4000 down to 63 µm in our SSF NYTEX families and their superior quality ensure maximum sifting performance on wooden, metal or synthetic frames. Our fabrics are available in three standard widths (1150, 1360 and 1580 mm) for small, medium and large frames.

Depending on the wheat and the end products, various types of sifting fabrics must be considered: COARSE. AND FINE FABRICS.

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