Medical Filters

Shreeji is India's leading supplier of filter components to the healthcare. This position is the reward for satisfying customer demands and for reliable product design with both our standard and tailor-made products, our customers benefit from the experience and background of our application specialists, and an extensive selection of fabrication possibilities for ready-made components. Such products include molded parts, Button Filters, Heat cut & ultrasonic cut ribbons, tapes & other formed parts produced for individual customer requirements. Shreeji gives cleaning and finishing procedures guarantee biocompatibility and free of hemolytic and pyrogens.

Slitting and Welding Facilities:

SSF has Slitting Facility with Clean Room and Ultrasonic Knife, Heat Knife and Cold Knife System for various applications like Medical and Molded Parts


  •  Equipped with Hot, Cold Knife, Ultrasonic Cutter
  •  Width 50″/51″ Roll
  •  ID Core Size 76 mm and 38 mm
  •  Cutting Size from 20 mm onwards


Ideal for slitting & edge-sealing of woven and non-woven fabrics into tapes, ribbons, panels.


Exclusive edge sealing process prevents fraying & unraveling. Before slitting, yardage received is verified & examined for weaving/finishing defects as per customer specification.

Ribbons: Ultrasonic Slit


Fabrics can be slit into ribbon form using ultrasonic. This technology produces higher quality, even sealed edges, with tighter fabrication tolerances


Fabrics can be slit into ribbon form using heat. This economical method produces sealed edges with tight fabrication tolerances, and works well in many applications using slit materials

Medical Health Care


SSF Health care fabrics are the preferred choice for arterial and transfusion filters, diagnostic test kits, collection reservoirs, biopsy bags, oxygenates, flow control devices and drug transfer patches. SSF Care fabrics are manufactured in Class 10,000 clean rooms in accordance with UNI ISO 9001


SSF Care fabrics are woven with monofilament polyester or polyamide fibers with smooth and uniform surfaces that are particularly suitable for medical applications. The precise aperture size, uniform high flow rates, and lot-to-lot consistency make SSF Care fabrics the ideal solution for demanding medical applications

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