Empty Nylon Tea Bag

Empty Nylon Tea Bag

One of the most common uses of SSF Tech fabrics is in manufacturing empty tea bag & tea bag strainers. We can also supply tea bag cloth in slit form ready to use in filling machine. We can supply tea bag in pyramid type and pillow type with welded tag. We can supply tea bag heat seal-able paper.

Empty Nylon Tea Bag Manufacturer and Supplier

Apart from tea being enjoyed for more than 4,000 years in various forms like Black tea, Iced Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea etc. Empty nylon tea bags have gained much popularity among people due to their clutter free nature. Empty nylon tea bags are manufactured with various fabrics like Polyethylene terephthalate, silk, cotton, nylon and so on. Out of all these, Nylon is commonly used for manufacturing tea bags. Nylon tea bags are made out of a nylon mesh.

Tea bag manufacturers use nylon as they are highly heat resistant. Also their ability to retain the flavour of the tea or herbs stored in them makes them a favourite among tea lovers. Shreeji Screen and Filters Pvt. Ltd. manufactures tea bag strainers from the highest quality nylon. The empty nylon tea bags manufactured by us are a part of many households these days.

Types of Empty Nylon Tea Bag :

Although a majority of Empty nylon tea bags are shaped as rectangular or square envelopes. Some newer shapes include round bags and pyramid shapes are also making their presence felt in the market.

Of these pyramid nylon tea bags are mostly preferred as they are large and roomy to give fresh tea leaves plenty of space to interact with hot water for full flavor extraction. They can even be steeped multiple times, so you can get several cups of tea out of one tea bag.

Shreeji Filters manufactures and supplies pillow tea bags with welded tags to customers on wholesale prices.

Customers can opt for ready to use empty nylon tea bag cloth in slit form to be used directly in filling machines.  We manufacture empty nylon tea bags for wholesale purposes.

We also cater to customer demands of tea bags with heat sealable paper.

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