Shreeji Screen And Filters Pvt. Ltd. Has Been Supplying Mono-Filament Fabrics Used In Filtration And Screen Printing Since 1986.

Shreeji Filters is engaged in the marketing and exporting of precision woven mesh fabrics and monofilament bolting cloth for filtration. The woven mesh is used in screen printing and filtration for dry process including sieving, screening, grading, shifting & drying. Precision woven fabrics are used in many applications, ranging from industrial process to medical filtration devices.

It is an experience that, the customer always has a desire to have right product for right application with a good service and a reasonable cost saving price.

Customer satisfaction is our prime motto and the driving force in the quest for excellence in quality and services.

It has selected a product from various manufacturers in the world, who has rigorous and effective quality control before goods leaves from their premises.

It has chosen from wide varieties of aperture size, fiber types and unique fabric for right application. It has a right stretch resistance, low elongation, stabilized and anti statically treated. It has also selected high resistance to abrasion, insensitivity to vibration. They are not attracted by dust and corrosion.

They can be used with high temperature up to 115 -150 C and PH value of 1-14.

The precision woven fabrics are very versatile and good for fabricated into wide variety of components. It has precision and proper aperture size distribution leading to accurate and predictable filtration.